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COVID-19 Reopening Health and Safety Protocols

Revised 9/24/2020

As we begin our re-opening we need to follow certain federal, state, and local guidelines. We ask for your help following those guidelines. We will post information on our website and have increased signage around the arena. Thank you in advance. Stay Healthy!  Please check our webpage often as the protocol will change.

The James Campion Rink will be opening in a phased approach on September 28th, 2020. 


  • Masks are required to enter the building. They should remain on even if you are on the ice
  • Doors will be unlocked 10 minutes prior to your ice time
  • You are asked not to enter the building if you have a temperature, experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or a sore throat
  • Social distancing shall be practiced
  • Come to the building already dressed to play, skates on if possible
  • Locker rooms will be locked
  • Seating will be provided to put on and take off skates but we encourage skaters to enter the rink with their skates already on
  • Underage players/skaters are allowed one parent/guardian to help with skates
  • When your session is over you must leave within 10 minutes out the side door
  • Please follow all arrows and signs
  • Appointments are necessary for skate sharpening
  • All skaters must sign a COVID waiver that covers that player for the entire season
  • All skaters must sign an ENTRY SCREENING WELLNESS document every time they enter the rink
  • There will be no lost & found
  • Sharing of water bottles is not permitted


  • Cleaning protocols based on recommendations and guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Federal or State agencies we have increased our cleaning procedures to ensure the health of everyone in our facility and ensure we are taking the appropriate steps to reopen safely.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the rink
  • Benches, gates, seats, scorekeepers box and all high touch areas will be cleaned between groups
  • Bathrooms, lobby doors will be cleaned between each group
  • All tables, counters, public surfaces will be cleaned/disinfected regularly


  • Staff will wear masks whenever around other people and wear disposable gloves when needed
  • Staff will take temperature before every shift and answer these four questions
  • Have you been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat
  • Have you had a fever in past 48 hours
  • Have you experienced any new loss of taste and smell
  • If answer yes to any or have a fever over 100.3 they must go home
  • Staff will notify their supervisor immediately of protocol violations related to COVID-19 prevention
  • Repeat offenders will be suspended from the facility


  • Players, parents, staff are required to wear a face mask, even on the ice
  • All coaches and non-active players are required to wear a face mask while on the bench
  • Spectators will not be welcome in the rink 
  • The lobby is currently closed
  • Players and parents who enter the building must sign the COVID-19 waiver as well as an ENTRY SCREENING WELLNESS document. The waiver needs to be filled out once and we will keep on file.  The ENTRY SCREENING WELLNESS DOCUMENT will need to be completed every time you enter the rink. A parent or guardian signature will be required for patrons under age 18


  • Social distancing should be practiced whenever possible on the ice
  • No handshakes after games
  • No huddling before or after games/practices
  • No spitting on ice or anywhere in the building


  • Locker rooms will be closed
  • Skaters put on/take off skates in seats/benches marked along runway around the rink.
  • Players waiting to get on the ice must stay in their seat until Zamboni has finished resurfacing and doors are shut
  • All players dress at home and should only need to put on skates at the rink

Please try to keep at least 6 feet or more between anyone not in your family at all times. There will be “6 foot” social distancing markings on the floor throughout our facility for everyone’s safety along with arranging of benches and chairs with 6-foot distancing in between. We will have arrows on the floor to help foot traffic flow inside the arena. Signage will be posted inside and outside of the facility. We expect to have 1 entrance and 1 exit door, as well as all current emergency exits. Doors may be locked until entry is allowed. No teams/groups/athletes other than from New Hampshire/Vermont area allowed at competitive sporting events, training sessions or practices. All customers are asked to sanitize their hands when they enter and exit the facility.

Patrons that cannot follow these guidelines will not be allowed to use or enter the facility.

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