Open Letter

To the Upper Valley skating community,

        When the COVID 19 pandemic began The Hanover Improvement Society enlisted a team of advisors including experienced physicians who are familiar with our operations, and who we know are highly supportive of physical exercise and team sports. We also consulted with an infectious disease specialist on the recommendation from the town of Hanover’s health inspector.
    When it came to welcoming teams from outside of the area, our telling concern was that infections might occur and the infected people most likely are unaware and they would unwittingly bring these infections into our schools and community.
    Our team of medical advisors unanimously advised against bringing in people from outside the local area. 
     Clearly, there are no perfect answers in a pandemic. We are doing our best to serve our entire community and will react to the ever-changing conditions around us. We will continue to monitor the situation and consult with our team of medical experts.
Our main objective is to continue to provide a safe environment for patrons and employees alike to enjoy as we get through this together.

The Hanover Improvement Society



Complete the form and receive a QR code that you scan on the monitor we have installed in the rink lobby.  The machine, once you have scanned the code, will take your temperature.  

Home Teams

Hanover High Marauders
Hanover High Marauders

Lebanon High Raiders
Lebanon High Raiders

Hanover Wild
Hanover Wild


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Welcome to the James W. Campion Rink!

About Campion Rink

The James W. Campion Rink is operated by the Hanover Improvement Society. The indoor rink is located in West Lebanon, NH, just a few minutes from the Town of Hanover and Dartmouth College. A variety of local schools and hockey programs use the rink, but there are also regular times for public skating and open stick hockey. The rink is easily accessible from Interstate Highways 89 and 91.