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For fun skating, try our Public Skating or Open Stick Hockey programs.

If you want to learn how to skate, how about the Coffee and Cocoa program?

For hockey with more coaching, we offer Learn To Play and Intermediate Hockey programs. 

For those wanting to play in fun games, we offer the Campion Hockey League.

For figure skating, we offer ice time and informal coaching with our Freestyle program.

Program Name Type Ages Dates Times Cost
Public Skating Skating All Sept – March Mon 12-1:30
Wed 11-12:30
Thu 12-1:30Fri   1:40-3:10
$7 Adult
$6 Child$6 Senior
Coffee and Cocoa
(Learn to Skate)
Skating All Oct – Dec
Jan – Mar
Mon 9-9:50
Thurs 9-9:50
or $20/class
(Snow Plow Sam)
Figure Skating Preschool Sep – Oct
Nov – Dec
Jan – Feb
Feb – Apr
Mon 4:50-5:20
Thu 4:30-5:00
Basic Skills Figure Skating All Sep – Oct
Nov – Dec
Jan – Feb
Feb – Apr
Mon 4:30-5:20
Thu 4:30-5:30
Freestyle Figure Skating All Sep – March Tue 1:40-3:10
Thurs 1:40-3:10
or $20/class
Learn to Play Hockey Hockey Adult Oct – Dec
Jan – Mar
Mon 10-10:50
Thu 10-10:50
or $20/class
Open Stick Hockey Hockey Age 16 or older  Sept – April  Tue 12 – 1:30
Fri 12 – 1:30
or $15/game
Campion Hockey League Hockey Adult “B” League

9/24 to 3/3

CHL 50+

10/2 to 4/7


“B” League $462/season

GHL 50+ 




Intermediate Hockey Hockey Adult Oct – Dec
Jan – Mar 
Mon 11-11:50
Thu 11-11:50
or $20/class
Youth Hockey Hockey  Preschool to
High School
 varies varies varies

Please note that we require a signed waiver for participation in all our programs, including public skating.

You can download a blank waiver form here.